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September 8, 2011

Control of What I Say…

This is a story about control, my control.

I have a habit of always getting to work about 20 minutes early. That way I can check my email, get a cup of coffee and settle in to my desk before the day takes off. However, the day is long enough and I’ll do that whether I’m 20 minutes early or exactly on time. I’m taking those extra 20 minutes to focus on getting dressed, thinking about the right accessories and all in all trying to look in control of the situation, regardless of what lies ahead! I’d like to share what I’m in control of on this beautiful Thursday, as the weather in Atlanta begins to shift. Once again, a mix of what I already own and a few new items to jazz things up a bit! …control of What I DO!

Swarovski Heart-shaped Earrings – purchased on my Princess cruise honeymoon!

Orange Bolero Sweater – (similar) – Banana Republic 2008

Kingdom Shoes – Steve Madden

Alex Ruffle Tank – Banana Republic (now on sale!)

Levi’s Modern Slight Curve Jeans in Ink

Tiger’s Eye Bracelet – Gift from Hong Kong’s silver market

August 8, 2011

Must Haves – Fall 2011

For the first time in my life, I’m putting some thought into looks and trends for the coming fall. I’ve been surveying my closet and analyzing what pieces work together and so forth. I’m actually looking forward to buying my first ever copy of Vogue’s September Issue! About a year ago, I watched the Anna Wintour documentary, The September Issue, and without knowing at the time, started my subconscious obsession with fashion.

I spent the weekend going through some old makeup and budgeted in my grocery list to purchase new mascara. I’m noticing that as long as I take some time to think about where my money is going, I actually can afford some nice things! My husband and I were sitting around with the Sunday blues last night and while normally we’d run down the street to shoot tequila and have fish tacos, instead I decided to save $30 and put it towards some skinny jeans!

To help me make wise purchases, I’ve put together a list of what I can safely afford this fall without breaking the bank. In fact, two of the items are already en route to my doorstep! At some point, I’m going to start rummaging through my closet and donating what I don’t need anymore, but I can’t do that yet since it would be like 75% of the closet!

Check it out and see if you agree. I’m just thinking basics at this point and I’ll share my purchases when I get them!