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September 16, 2011

First Challenge = Success!

Whew! I’m not sure who is happier that the first challenge of painting my nails a different color everyday for a week is over, me or my nails! The exciting part was that I pulled out some bottles that I had never used and my polishing skills greatly improved. The downside was that I think the remover was a little tough on my nails. They feel a little raw. They really took one for the team! I have one last shade to share with you, but first a recap:

Nice variety, dontcha think? And yes, I spoiled it for you with the last image. Today’s shade is not really a shade, but some therapy for the nails. I couldn’t help myself. I was staring at my 40 bottles trying to decide what to do, but I gave my nails a little rest today.

I went for some Sally Hansen, Hard As Nails, in Natural Tint. Yes, tint, not shade!

It’s already got me thinking about what next week’s challenge is going to be. I am going to New York City next weekend for a fun quick trip, so I definitely need to take that into consideration. Maybe I should do a NYC Weekend Challenge? hmmm…lots to think about. Stay tuned and have a great weekend!

September 15, 2011

Tron-Inspired Nail Polish

Hello there! It’s Thursday and the challenge of polishing my nails everyday is winding down. My fingertips are a little raw from removing nail polish day after day, but I have experimented a lot and my polishing skills are really clean and I rarely shake anymore! It also has me thinking about some future challenges, like heels for a week (still thinking about this one), different colored stockings for a week, a dress a day! so many options. It will help me break out of my jeans everyday challenge that I’ve been doing for years!

Let me share with you my latest polish. Probably  not something I would want to wear an entire week, but that’s the fun of the challenge. I also wanted to see what jewel tones I had in my collection. Last year, my enabler sweet husband gave me just about every bottle of Maybelline’s Express Finish line. I love them, but the shiny colors make it difficult to apply and they often come out streaky and clumpy. Whenever I would go get a professional manicure, I would get these shiny opalescent colors and would ask what the secret is to applying them. The key is to keep the brush as thin as possible and paint two coats. It takes practice but I finally have the hang of it. Today I’m wearing Maybelline’s Express Finish in Timely Turquoise and it screamed ‘Give me some Glitter!!’ so I added a few sparkles with the Wet N Wild Party of Five Glitters that I sported earlier this week. It’s very Tron-like! haha. Stay tuned. Another big affordable retailer is pairing up with a fashion giant! More news to come.

September 14, 2011

Banana Republic Polish!!

Have we recovered from a crazy shopping day yesterday? I explained the Target Missoni shopping experience to my husband last night and when I told him that items are selling at crazy high prices on ebay, I swear I saw dollar signs flash in his eyes. I even thought about taking all the items with me to work today, just to be safe. I am wearing my fab velour hoodie today and I do love it!

Nail Polish-A-Day Challenge: Day 4: I’m sporting a new polish today that I absolutely love! I will say, this has been quite a challenge to paint my nails day after day but it’s also been lots of fun and I feel myself becoming better and better at applying polish. Today’s color comes from Banana Republic. I shopped at the Banana Republic Factory store in Myrtle Beach over Labor Day weekend and it was a total impulse buy at the counter. Boy am I glad that I had an impulse that day. This has become my new favorite shade. The bottles are also really small and the small nail brush makes it really easy to apply to the corners without painting your whole finger. Check it out in Orchid Blossom. My only hangup is that I believe these are exclusive to the factory stores. I don’t see them for sale anywhere online! Too bad because I would have bought a few bottles.

September 11, 2011

All That Glitters Is Gold

I love Sundays in the Fall! You’ll often find me watching the New Orleans Saints on TV, cooking a big meal (today that is mushroom lasagna) and getting ready for the work week. Each week it never fails me to start experiencing the Sunday Blues around 430-5pm! It stems from my childhood, dreading going back to school after playing with my Barbies all weekend. But today is such a beautiful day, I want to wear something to remind me to keep on shining!

Today, as the first entry in my Nail Polish-A-Day Challenge, I’m sporting a glittery gold hue from Orly called Luxe! It shimmers in the sun, it makes me think of the leaves turning to gold and even though they lost in a well-played game Thursday night against the Packers, this ones for the boys! Who Dat! I also love that gold and glitter are moving their way to the front of the line for this Fall’s must have colors. Starting off the week with a bang of solid gold!

September 10, 2011

Nail Polish Challenge – Are You With ME?

Nail Polish. I love it almost as much as my cat Figaro!
Look at that face! He was a member of royalty in a former life! I’m convinced.

I pride myself in always having perfectly home manicured nails. I went to the beach last week and wanted to put on a pair of gloves when my Sonic Boom Insta-Dri nail polish started to chip. Dumb of me for not bringing backup, but I primed really well! I give myself a manicure every Sunday. It’s an event! I tell my husband, “I’m going to do my nails!” and he knows to leave me alone for about 45 minutes. I am probably sneaking up on close to 30 bottles of nail polish. I pick out a shade based on my mood and what I project for the week ahead. It’s hard to pick just one and stick with it. Commitment issues, right? Well, I’d like to propose for one week:

Nail PolishADay Challenge!

Beginning tomorrow, Sunday, I’ll do one manicure a day and share it with you and I’d love for you to join in and post with me. It will take a little bit of willpower, but we can do it! Be sure to post the bottle too! I love finding new shades! Here’s an unofficial photo to get you inspired. China Glaze’s Refreshmint. Super clean and glossy! And I LOVE this color! Makes me want to sip on something minty!

August 7, 2011


Meet my new favorite site!!!

This is the social media hub for hair, makeup, nails and beauty! In the last week or so, I’ve not only joined but purchased a slew of sephora eyeshadow, attempted to marble my nails, have gotten advice on how to make rainbow eyes, better blending techniques with eye liner, I could go on and on. I am in love! Anything you could possibly have questions about concerning overall beauty is here. Not to mention the forums are super helpful too. Makeup has always been a bit scary to me and seemed like a skill I’m not meant to have, but just like anything else, practice makes perfect! And I’ve been practicing. Be sure to check this one out and add it to your faves.

June 28, 2011

Where Do I Begin?

As part of this yearlong journey to transform my wardrobe, I have made a list an extensive list of essentials, seeing that I’m coming from logo tees and ripped jeans. After scouring blogs and blogs and more blogs I have come up with lists and lists that are scary and long:

  • 10 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Should Own
  • Handbags For Every Occasion
  • A Nautical Top
  • The Perfect Jean, Black Pant, Cardigan, Trench…
  • Accessories: Sunglasses, Belts, Hats, Jewelry, Nail Polish
And of course seasons change so winter, spring, fall, summer all need appropriate clothing. Oh my goodness, this is going to cost me more than graduate school. I’ve come up with a plan of action. I like to believe that some of the things I own are salvageable so I’m not going to donate everything! My husband may shoot me. But I will have to budget and wisely choose what’s necessary. Going with that, I’m going to start with shoes.