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October 1, 2012

Chiffon: The Fabric of Your Life!

Sew I had a little sewing adventure recently that I thought you might like to hear about. It was not necessarily a wearable success but I learned more about sewing this weekend than I have over the last few months.

I told you about Sewing in a Straight Line in my previous post and how I really wanted to make a maxi dress from it. I bought some really nice fabric to make that, but then I saw a really beautiful chiffon blouse in the book as well and figured I was ready to sew with something other than cotton!

I’m loving the polka dot craze right now. I’ve always had polka dot clothing. One of my favorite pieces was a pale pink and black polka dot tank that used to make me think Bettie Page, but now it’s not just for the goth chicks. It’s become a high-fashion statement. I found a beautiful navy and white polka dot chiffon at Joann Fabrics and even though it was more than I wanted to spend, I couldn’t not have it. I read a lot about sewing with chiffon, choosing the right needle, practiced some french seams and decided to go for it. French seams, sleeves, everything was going well and then I must have forgotten that I have a chest or something because when it was time to put it on for last fitting, I could not get the dang thing over me! hahaha Chiffon does not stretch! But I didn’t panic, instead I had a brilliant idea that if I cut it down the middle, I could wear it as a cardigan? hahaha Silly Christina, Trix are for kids! That didn’t work either.

So I ended up with this half cardigan with beautiful seams and gorgeous fabric. Ugh, I kick myself for not trying this out on cheap fabric first! hahah I’m so impatient!

However, I just can’t let this fabric go so I had a second sewing adventure and a first reconstruction garment that I think redeemed myself a little bit. I’ve had this awful American Apparel dress (if you are a toothpick) or shirt if you are a normal person. I’ve worn it a bunch as a longer shirt, but it’s annoying to wear. However, it was super cheap and I thought it might be fun to re-fashion it. I’ve thought for awhile about how I could take this shirt apart and finally came to a conclusion during that awful Saints/Green Bay game yesterday. My inspiration came from this super cute top that I just purchased at

I love the sheer dot top part of this top. It feels vintage and classic with a twist. So I thought, I could do that with polka dot chiffon. And guess what! I DID! It was tough and not nearly perfect, sleeves may be a bit uneven, but it’s wearable. So wearable that I’m wearing it to work today. Oooh la la! A cure for the Monday blues. Check it out! Saints may not have won this weekend, but I did 🙂 (such a nerd, I know!)

September 7, 2011

Come Together! Right Now…

Alas! Things are starting to come together. I’ve shopped quite a bit over the last few months and I think I’ve finally got a good mix of pieces. Now it’s time to take those new pieces, combine them with what I already have and that’s how you put together a wardrobe! Maybe old news to you, but news to me! I’ve cracked the code! I spent last night, while I added more Manic Panic hot hot pink to my hair, going through my closet analyzing what works and what doesn’t. Amazing what a little effort in selecting colors and silhouettes will do. I put together more outfits than I knew what to do with, complete with accessories! The best part is that I’m able to use quite a few existing items. Items that I swore to myself, if I don’t wear this season, I’ll THINK about donating. Today I present to you, for the first time ever, my wardrobe!

Skinny black jeans from Ann Taylor! Similar to the ones shown here but a few years old.

Striped Keyhole-Back Tee – White House Black Market

Belt from ModCloth foodie dress – purchased last year

Black Patent Marcus loafers – Topshop

Boyfriend Cardigan – purchased from sale 2008 – JCrew

Kate Spade Idiom Bangle!!!!- a gracious and lovely gift from my sister-in-law Meghan! My bracelet is gold with black detail. I LOVE IT!

And to top it all off, I thought I’d share my beautiful custom skull ring, designed by my loving husband, MT Maloney. It’s one of his earlier works and by no means indicative of what he is currently doing, but it’s one of a kind and was created for me!

It feels so nice to actually take pride in what I put on in the morning. It’s not just a half awake attempt to reach my arm into my closet early in the morning and get dressed in the dark. It screams, “I’m ready to take on the day!”