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July 6, 2013

Remember Me? Glad the username and password were saved

How long has it been? haha Over a year. This blog is like a wealthy aunt who you you only call upon when you need something. And that something is a space for documenting a potential craft fail. I’ve had four days off from work due to the 4th of July. Four days off in a row, where I don’t leave town, and I have absolute freedom to do whatever I want to do. God Bless America!
So I decided to pull out my stash and the yarn sticks and attempt to knit a hat. As I made a glorious little hat, I realized how much I love to knit and how good I am at it. I’ve been failing miserably at sewing, wasting countless dollars and hours in Joann Fabrics when all this time, I could have been successfully adding cute knitwear to my collection. I can knit hats like a champ. I can fair isle like there is no tomorrow and I can intarsia like no one’s watching, but I have never made a sweater. So there it is. The GOAL: knit a (an easy) sweater. So I skipped over to Joann today (on day 3 of 4 days off), basket in hand and picked up a pile of Vanna’s Glamour Yarn and am ready to tackle a raglan sweater.

I’ve tried this sweater before, long long ago but I think I can do it. It’s all knit flat and if I can work on a little bit each day I’m hoping to have a sweater before Labor Day! Maybe I’ll remember to recap on this blog about it or maybe in a year I’ll revisit this post and realize I never followed through, whatever the case may be, I promise to post a pic, good or bad of where the status of the sweater lies on Labor Day. For now, enjoy the nautical hat I completed today.

Nautical Hat