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September 16, 2011

First Challenge = Success!

Whew! I’m not sure who is happier that the first challenge of painting my nails a different color everyday for a week is over, me or my nails! The exciting part was that I pulled out some bottles that I had never used and my polishing skills greatly improved. The downside was that I think the remover was a little tough on my nails. They feel a little raw. They really took one for the team! I have one last shade to share with you, but first a recap:

Nice variety, dontcha think? And yes, I spoiled it for you with the last image. Today’s shade is not really a shade, but some therapy for the nails. I couldn’t help myself. I was staring at my 40 bottles trying to decide what to do, but I gave my nails a little rest today.

I went for some Sally Hansen, Hard As Nails, in Natural Tint. Yes, tint, not shade!

It’s already got me thinking about what next week’s challenge is going to be. I am going to New York City next weekend for a fun quick trip, so I definitely need to take that into consideration. Maybe I should do a NYC Weekend Challenge? hmmm…lots to think about. Stay tuned and have a great weekend!

September 15, 2011

Tron-Inspired Nail Polish

Hello there! It’s Thursday and the challenge of polishing my nails everyday is winding down. My fingertips are a little raw from removing nail polish day after day, but I have experimented a lot and my polishing skills are really clean and I rarely shake anymore! It also has me thinking about some future challenges, like heels for a week (still thinking about this one), different colored stockings for a week, a dress a day! so many options. It will help me break out of my jeans everyday challenge that I’ve been doing for years!

Let me share with you my latest polish. Probably  not something I would want to wear an entire week, but that’s the fun of the challenge. I also wanted to see what jewel tones I had in my collection. Last year, my enabler sweet husband gave me just about every bottle of Maybelline’s Express Finish line. I love them, but the shiny colors make it difficult to apply and they often come out streaky and clumpy. Whenever I would go get a professional manicure, I would get these shiny opalescent colors and would ask what the secret is to applying them. The key is to keep the brush as thin as possible and paint two coats. It takes practice but I finally have the hang of it. Today I’m wearing Maybelline’s Express Finish in Timely Turquoise and it screamed ‘Give me some Glitter!!’ so I added a few sparkles with the Wet N Wild Party of Five Glitters that I sported earlier this week. It’s very Tron-like! haha. Stay tuned. Another big affordable retailer is pairing up with a fashion giant! More news to come.

August 11, 2011

Crushin’ on some Glitter!!!

I love glitter! What girl doesn’t?? I’d even suspect guys like it too! One of my favorite albums to listen to is Tom Waits, Glitter and Doom Live. Could it be because it’s got the word glitter in the title and I imagine he’s singing in front of a gold glitter curtain in a smoky jazz hall? Don’t worry you are in the right place.

I love when trends involve glitter. I’ve been sporting blue glitter nails since my Catholic High School days when it was considered shocking and a bit gothic! I carried a black glittery purse on a string in 1995 and put my Marilyn Manson ticket stubs in it. But in the last few years, glitter has become more acceptable to wear on a daily basis and I’m thrilled!! No longer do you need Halloween or Mardi Gras as an excuse to wear glitter.

I visited the grocery on the way to work this morning to pick up some lunch but instead my eyes wandered elsewhere. Standing in front of me were two of the most beautiful shades of nail polish I’ve ever seen! It’s like it called me out of the aisles and said, ‘look how pretty we’d look together?’ Being a girl that is trying to stick to a budget, I did not buy them, but it did inspire me to make a beautiful little crushing graphic! Have a look and see!

Milani Specialty Nail Lacquer Jewelry FX in Gems and Gold

So looking forward to the coming months where I know I’ll be looking shiny and sparkly!!! Have a great day!

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