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September 15, 2011

Tron-Inspired Nail Polish

Hello there! It’s Thursday and the challenge of polishing my nails everyday is winding down. My fingertips are a little raw from removing nail polish day after day, but I have experimented a lot and my polishing skills are really clean and I rarely shake anymore! It also has me thinking about some future challenges, like heels for a week (still thinking about this one), different colored stockings for a week, a dress a day! so many options. It will help me break out of my jeans everyday challenge that I’ve been doing for years!

Let me share with you my latest polish. Probably  not something I would want to wear an entire week, but that’s the fun of the challenge. I also wanted to see what jewel tones I had in my collection. Last year, my enabler sweet husband gave me just about every bottle of Maybelline’s Express Finish line. I love them, but the shiny colors make it difficult to apply and they often come out streaky and clumpy. Whenever I would go get a professional manicure, I would get these shiny opalescent colors and would ask what the secret is to applying them. The key is to keep the brush as thin as possible and paint two coats. It takes practice but I finally have the hang of it. Today I’m wearing Maybelline’s Express Finish in Timely Turquoise and it screamed ‘Give me some Glitter!!’ so I added a few sparkles with the Wet N Wild Party of Five Glitters that I sported earlier this week. It’s very Tron-like! haha. Stay tuned. Another big affordable retailer is pairing up with a fashion giant! More news to come.

September 12, 2011

Uptempo Monday

Monday morning! I’d love to say that I got up at 630 and crawled myself down the street to the gym, but I did not! It is so hard to get up when it gets darker outside. I promise I am going tomorrow morning though. I plan to sleep in my gym clothes. I wasn’t totally unproductive though! I painted my nails for the second installment of the Nail Polish-A-Day Challenge. While yesterday was glittery and gold, today is a bit more somber. It’s MONDAY! Need more coffee. I chose to use two colors. I painted a base coat of Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri in Uptempo Plum. I love these Insta-Dri polishes. The brush is angled and it really does dry almost instantly. Plus they are extremely affordable! I painted a few glittery sparkles on top with Wet n Wild’s Party of Five Glitters. I love all these new glittery shades, even if they are really difficult to remove. They take a little practice too. Instead of painting them right on, I let the brush drip the glitter on top. It looks like confetti.

Already thinking about what to wear for Tuesday. I guarantee it will tie in with a big lunchtime shopping spree over to Target for the Missoni unveiling! Click on the image below for the entire lookbook.