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October 1, 2012

Chiffon: The Fabric of Your Life!

Sew I had a little sewing adventure recently that I thought you might like to hear about. It was not necessarily a wearable success but I learned more about sewing this weekend than I have over the last few months.

I told you about Sewing in a Straight Line in my previous post and how I really wanted to make a maxi dress from it. I bought some really nice fabric to make that, but then I saw a really beautiful chiffon blouse in the book as well and figured I was ready to sew with something other than cotton!

I’m loving the polka dot craze right now. I’ve always had polka dot clothing. One of my favorite pieces was a pale pink and black polka dot tank that used to make me think Bettie Page, but now it’s not just for the goth chicks. It’s become a high-fashion statement. I found a beautiful navy and white polka dot chiffon at Joann Fabrics and even though it was more than I wanted to spend, I couldn’t not have it. I read a lot about sewing with chiffon, choosing the right needle, practiced some french seams and decided to go for it. French seams, sleeves, everything was going well and then I must have forgotten that I have a chest or something because when it was time to put it on for last fitting, I could not get the dang thing over me! hahaha Chiffon does not stretch! But I didn’t panic, instead I had a brilliant idea that if I cut it down the middle, I could wear it as a cardigan? hahaha Silly Christina, Trix are for kids! That didn’t work either.

So I ended up with this half cardigan with beautiful seams and gorgeous fabric. Ugh, I kick myself for not trying this out on cheap fabric first! hahah I’m so impatient!

However, I just can’t let this fabric go so I had a second sewing adventure and a first reconstruction garment that I think redeemed myself a little bit. I’ve had this awful American Apparel dress (if you are a toothpick) or shirt if you are a normal person. I’ve worn it a bunch as a longer shirt, but it’s annoying to wear. However, it was super cheap and I thought it might be fun to re-fashion it. I’ve thought for awhile about how I could take this shirt apart and finally came to a conclusion during that awful Saints/Green Bay game yesterday. My inspiration came from this super cute top that I just purchased at

I love the sheer dot top part of this top. It feels vintage and classic with a twist. So I thought, I could do that with polka dot chiffon. And guess what! I DID! It was tough and not nearly perfect, sleeves may be a bit uneven, but it’s wearable. So wearable that I’m wearing it to work today. Oooh la la! A cure for the Monday blues. Check it out! Saints may not have won this weekend, but I did 🙂 (such a nerd, I know!)