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September 9, 2011

When Worlds Collide – Fashion and Stop Motion

For me, fashion is an obsessive hobby or should I say turning into an obsessive way of life: reading the Vogue September Issue for the umpteenth time, perusing the fashion blogs, looking for online deals, learning about the fashion events in Atlanta and how to go to them. You get the idea. I’m even considering taking daily photos. Just not sure how self-absorbed that is and not liking being in front of the camera. I’m in fashion overload mode, but one of my other passions is my career, an area that I don’t really give much attention to in this blog. I work for a really exciting and creative animation studio. I won’t go into too much detail, but I am an After Effects artist and designer. I animate commercials for TV, show openings, pretty much anything that requires motion, I do my best to make it move! I even dabble in a wee bit ‘0 stop motion. Unless I’m animating something for a cosmetics client though, rarely do fashion and animation collide in my world. However, I have come across two really interesting high fashion advertisements this past week that are stop motion animations! One for Chanel and another for American Apparel that I’m stoked to share. I never would have thought that the highest fashion house would ever consider using such an unexpected process. I love the contrast of high vs low art in this Chanel ad, but it’s so well done that Chanel elevates the technique. Okay, okay, enough of the art speak. Just take it all in and enjoy! Happy Friday

This equally impressive American Apparel ad is a bit more what you would expect from the urban clothing company, but still just as much fun to watch!

September 8, 2011

Control of What I Say…

This is a story about control, my control.

I have a habit of always getting to work about 20 minutes early. That way I can check my email, get a cup of coffee and settle in to my desk before the day takes off. However, the day is long enough and I’ll do that whether I’m 20 minutes early or exactly on time. I’m taking those extra 20 minutes to focus on getting dressed, thinking about the right accessories and all in all trying to look in control of the situation, regardless of what lies ahead! I’d like to share what I’m in control of on this beautiful Thursday, as the weather in Atlanta begins to shift. Once again, a mix of what I already own and a few new items to jazz things up a bit! …control of What I DO!

Swarovski Heart-shaped Earrings – purchased on my Princess cruise honeymoon!

Orange Bolero Sweater – (similar) – Banana Republic 2008

Kingdom Shoes – Steve Madden

Alex Ruffle Tank – Banana Republic (now on sale!)

Levi’s Modern Slight Curve Jeans in Ink

Tiger’s Eye Bracelet – Gift from Hong Kong’s silver market

August 29, 2011

Not So Appalling Retail Therapy

It’s been exactly two months since my wardrobe journey began. I’ve been immersed in a crash course of high fashion, beauty tips and working within a strict shopping budget. I tell my students ‘My expectations of you have exceeded beyond the scope of this class!’ Well, as a budding fashionista, I’m patting myself on the back today for exceeding my own expectations in such a short time. Never did I think I could come so far and I’m only getting started.

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but this post is bittersweet for me. Today is August 29, 2011 and six years ago on this date, I sat in my brother’s LSU apartment, with my parents, and my now sister-in-law, Tiffany, as we watched our beloved city of New Orleans flood. We sat there empty of all material possessions but as a family. I thought I was only going away for 48 hours, not 3 weeks, so I didn’t take anything. I had the clothes on my back, which late August in New Orleans, means as little as possible. Prior to that date, life was fearless and I shopped and celebrated life with not a care in the world. I was invincible and had never experienced much pain and heartbreak. I didn’t know what it was like to feel loss. That day marked a huge change in my life. I began to look at everything differently. Life became sad to me. But I also looked at each day glad to be alive and somehow having no material possessions became a liberating experience. It felt unnecessary to have anything of value and as I moved forward, I tried to get by with the bare minimum. Clothes were no longer a personal statement, but a necessity so I refused to buy anything of value, in fear that it could all be taken away without a moment’s notice. But healing takes time and I eventually woke up one day and realized life could pass me by and I didn’t want to miss out on one of my favorite past times: Retail Therapy! Nothing extravagant, just a boost of confidence of owning something new. And it has taken six years to finally get to that point again.

I spent Sunday afternoon in Lenox Mall, with the attitude that it is okay to splurge on myself from time to time. After three hours, some great deals and trips in and out almost every store, I walked away with some new basics to help me move forward for the next six years! Today’s post originally started off with different intentions, but I got a little off track and self-reflective instead. Thanks for listening and in return I would love to share with you my latest spree!

July 1, 2011

Duchess Kate and Her Affordable Apparel

Hi there! I’m going crazy. I haven’t bought anything yet and I’m not sure when my first big purchase will be, but my head is swimming. I’m still in the middle playing years of catch up on handbags, shoes, designers, jewelry and summer and fall trends. I’ve signed up for numerous blogs and newsletters to the point that my head is starting to hurt. It’s the biggest crash course I’ve ever taken.

And it doesn’t help that Duchess Kate has burst onto the scene as someone to watch on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE her! I want to just sleep in her closet and smell all the luxury fabrics that probably hang on pretty little potpourri puffy hangers! But this is what I’m finding out about my girl Kate. She buys from local boutiques at affordable prices. I love that about her but I also hate it. Let me tell you why: You see Victoria Beckham wearing something fabulous, but it’s thousands of dollars and you just ooh and aah and fantasize about something you know you’ll never have, and that’s OKAY! Now Kate goes to a major event wearing something that I can afford and wear and the fantasy has the potential to become a reality and sometimes, it’s just better to have the fantasy. Do you feel me?

Anyway, to add fuel to the fire, one of Kate’s prime shopping locations, LK Bennett, just opened up two US stores and as luck would have it, one is in my city of Atlanta. Darn! I mean Yay! I don’t know what to think! Help! I needed to rant. Thanks for listening. Happy 4th of July Weekend!