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January 17, 2012

What Would Kate Spade Do?

I’m sitting at my desk plowing through the latest Harper’s Bazaar even though I have a huge client deadline due in an hour. It’s cold and grey outside on this wintry January, but I need to know what new shades of polish I need for the perfect springtime manicure! The soundtrack of Amelie swirls through my headphones. I take a sip of my double mocha latte extra shot of espresso, and I take a bite of my double fudge cream cheese filled cupcake that my assistant brought in. I reach into my Kate Spade Grove Court poppy red bag and pull out my…

…Wait a minute, this isn’t my life. Let me rephrase.

I’m sitting at my desk plowing through emails trying to figure out how I’m going to reach that deadline in an hour. It’s cold and grey outside on this wintry January, with no sign of the sun or warm air in sight! The soundtrack of the presentation that’s due is seething through my headphones. I take a sip of the crappy coffee that I made and I’m already feeling empty from that mushroom and zucchini egg white omelet that I made in the dark this morning. And above all that, I only wish I could reach into any sort of Kate Spade bag but I can’t bring myself to purchase one for fear that I may unleash a KS purchasing monster!

Kate Spade, the woman, the brand, the goddess! Whoever or whatever she is exudes the classic ideal, perfectly put-together woman. The woman that I want to be! The woman who eats massive cupcakes all day without gaining an inch, who wears heels to work everyday and then continues to parade around classy cocktail joints in them at night! She probably doesn’t sleep but never needs the tiniest bit of under eye concealer. Ahhhh, I’m in love.

I don’t know where my obsession with her began but it was only until recent that I signed up for every KS sale alert, blog, website, instagram feed anything that is Kate! I dream about owning everything of hers and living the life that the KS girl lives! Colorfully

And each and every day as I get ready in the morning and try and choose what to wear, how to carry myself around co-workers and peers, I ask myself, “What Would Kate Spade Do?”

If I have one fashion resolution for 2012 it’s to Live Colorfully a la Kate Spade! (and blog more!)