And We’re Off!

My previous post mentions that I planned on tackling a sewing pattern from the SEW Workshop book by Diana Rupp. BUUUUTTT!! I want to make a skirt. I finally decided to learn how to use pinterest even though I have had it for months now and I am beginning to see the beneift. Okay, I get it. It’s like having a mood board in the clouds! And while scouring the pinterest boards yesterday, I stumbled upon a knockoff J.Crew skirt that seems easy enough and I think this may be where my weekend takes me.

I have attempted to make skirts before. In fact I have made 3, oh wait, no 4, and only one was a partial success. The first skirt I made from a Simplicity pattern. It had pockets and was part of their “Learn To Sew” series. That was a complete disaster. My husband was out of town that weekend and it was the perfect opportunity to turn the house upside down and try to make this skirt. When he called to say he was on his way home, I felt like a teenager trying to clean up all the hidden beer cans and cigarette butts from a wreckless house party. However, instead of beer and butts, I was cleaning up fabric. Ahh, wild times in your thirties.

Then there was the double layer Burda skirt in the gorgeous navy blue jersey knit: FAIL. The SEW Workshop Wrap Skirt, which went well until the ‘wrap’ part didn’t work: Operator Error! And finally a 1 hour skirt, which took 3 hours and was too see-through and puffy to wear.

My husband is out of town again this weekend and I feel like getting back in the ring and fighting a title match!

ME vs. some sort of fabric I have yet to purchase!

And, I am thinking I may head over to Ikea since I’m getting off work early today and see what they have. Ikea fabric is super sturdy and easy to work with. I also don’t feel like traveling 20 miles to the nearest Joann so Ikea it is. 


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