Ain’t Misbehavin’

I know it’s been like a month! But I have been doing really well. I have traveled to New York, LA and just booked a trip to Barcelona in the last month! A high fashion model with runway bookings you may ask? I’m just lucky enough to have a husband that travels for work and I couldn’t pass up the opportunities to check out what the coasts like to wear.

I mentioned it before but one of the things I notice most about fashion in NY and LA is the ability to be fearless in their choices. It’s a rule I am trying to live by on a daily basis. Pick something you would not normally wear and don’t look back. I have been having a ton of fun mixing and matching new and existing pieces. I have a shoe collection that I am finally in envy of and I spend wisely and only buy quality pieces that will last years to come.

One of my latest experiments is with all the new nail design kits that are in the local drugstore. I love, love, love doing my nails. I had my own nail polish-a-day challenge a few weeks back and while I loved adding that difficult to remove glitter to my fingertips I have been really curious about the Sally Hansen Nail Effects. I have read mixed reviews, with a 50/50 success rate. My cousin Marissa had used them earlier this summer and while her blue glittery fingernails came out flawless, you would never suspect she does her own nails by the way they look. She does but she’s a ton more patient than me 🙂

I thought I’d give it a shot and it wouldn’t take long to figure out if it would or wouldn’t work. It costs $10 for a pack of 16. That’s high if you think it claims to last 10 days. That’s a little less than a manicure and there’s no guarantee it is going to work. I bought the color Misbehaved, which depending on the way you look at it, is either reptilish, lacy or even New Orleans ironwork-y on a glittery gold background. Perfect for Halloween or a little Who Dat football!

Preparation is key. You want your nails as smooth and clean as possible. No hang nails, pushed back cuticles, you need it to be as flawless as possible to get started. The kit comes with a nail buffer, the little wood stick to push back cuticles, and 16 strips. You apply at the cuticle and just push it down and smooth it out. Once it is smooth and you feel that it’s sticking, you use the handy little file provided and file the excess off. I didn’t think this step would work as well as it did. You can also use the stick to help pull it away from the edge of your nails where it overlaps on your skin.

I have really small hands so I was a little worried since the strips are pretty wide. The application is a very slow process!!! Patience is key so set aside some time. I would say the entire process took me about 45 minutes. Part of that has to do with the obvious, that whatever hand you don’t write with is going to be painstaking! The strips are very easy to apply once you get the hang of it. I was concerned it would be really sticky but I did have to pick one back up after I applied it wrong and with a little care, it’s more durable than you think.

I really do love them and it came out much better than I expected. I have had them on for a few hours and I was even knitting some hand warmers. They do catch a little bit and one of them has chipped a little. However, I decided to add a clear base Sally Hansen top coat and I can tell that has sealed them a bit. I also know that because I use my right hand much more than my left, it’s going to get beat up a little bit. More to come on the wear and tear over the next few days. Not sure I’ll make it to 10 days but I didn’t think I’d get this far.

I’d definitely do this again, but not on a weekly basis. I bet feet would be pretty cute actually!!! (Ah good thought, Christina!) I give it two cute misbehaved thumbs up!

I’ll be checking in a little more regularly so thanks for sticking around! Stay tuned. With Halloween on the way, I have purchased a ton of cute new brightly colored stockings thanks to the Spirit pop-up shops all around town. Compared to the $12 that the Hue stockings cost, I have managed to get some hot pink, red and bright kelly green stocking for about $5 a pop. The fearless fashionista in me has some plans to experiment a little this Halloween week!


One Comment to “Ain’t Misbehavin’”

  1. Nice post! I am really fond of these nail strips 🙂 a little tip that I have is to cut each piece in half if you have short nails and you get double the strips! This is how I get my nails and toes done. For me they lasted about 25 days 🙂 love the lace, I’ve only done animal print..maybe next time!

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