The ABCs of NYC

New York City and Fashion go together like peanut butter and jelly! Like Princess Kate and William! Red Beans ‘n’ Rice!! I have been meaning to share my New York experience and I apologize for the long delay. In fact, I have started this post numerous times at a loss for words on how to describe the lifestyle of New Yorkers, but I think I have finally figured out a way to put it all together. I’ve broken down a few key observations that I’d like to share.

1. New York women are unafraid to experiment. You want to wear a pair of green tights and pair it with orange shoes, a motorcycle jacket and a short dress? Go for it. No one cares. The pace of the city is overwhelmingly fast so unless you are a visitor like me, there’s no time to stop and stare.

2. Shop unique one-of-a-kind pieces. Fortunately for New Yorkers there are hundreds of street markets, resale boutiques, thrift shops and sample sales (We walked right into a Michael Kors sample sale on the street!!) to fill 100 closets on any given day. You know how you can often spot someone wearing a top from Ann Taylor or Banana? Well, I think New York women make the effort to find the only top in the world that exists and add it to their wardrobe.

3. Fashion should be effortless. I don’t know how they managed to do it but everything looked effortless. If I eventually walked out the door in a loose fitting sweater, skinny jeans and riding boots, complete with a newsboy hat and layers of gold necklaces, I probably would look like I’m going to a Halloween party. I just can’t think like that.

My trip to New York was a real eye-opener for me fashion-wise. I realized that I need to be unafraid. Not concerned with with what people may or may not say and if something feels right, go for it!

In another note, I had a rough fashion week. I eventually wore that Saints shirt I’ve been meaning to leave for Sundays this past Tuesday, I wore a lot of grey and my nails were not perfectly polished. I feel like New York had this strange effect on me, where I was so exposed to a world that I’m very unfamiliar with. Maybe I’m not cut out for the cutting edge. I like to believe that I have it in me to be this savvy fashionista, but seeing some real fashionistas, and fashionistas who aren’t even trying, sort of crushed my spirit about this whole thing.

To get myself out of that slump, I headed out on this gorgeous cool sunny day for a little retail therapy over to one of Atlanta’s exciting outdoor shopping experiences: Atlantic Station. It’s really just an outdoor mall, but it’s lovely and never crowded. I’m so happy to share with you, my latest purchase! I walked right into a super shoe sale at Dillard’s and look what I got for $15!!!! Who doesn’t need a pair of hot pink pumps. I may not be ready for the Big Apple, but I’m always available for a Big Sale!

I am heading to the West Coast next week to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Los Angeles. I’ll also be heading to a conference with my husband, at the Culver Studios. Whew jet-setting to the opposite coast to see how the California girls like to dress. Hmmm…We’ll see! Should be interesting to say the least!


One Comment to “The ABCs of NYC”

  1. Cute shoes…Would like to see the oufit you put together with them!- Jessica

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