It’s Not A Sprint

Have you ever heard the expression, “Old habits die hard?” or “Slow and steady wins the race”? Well, in my fearless attempt to dress a little better and this week’s challenge of wearing a pair of heels, I am listening to these brilliant words of wisdom. I did not wear heels today, but my favorite pair of Steve Madden Kingdom flats in cognac. I even put on that new Saints shirt again this morning, but had I worn it today, I might not have written a post and would be seeking a hiding place over the next few days. Only yesterday I bragged how unchallenging the ability to wear heels was only to be met with a comfortable pair of flats on this overcast and rainy Thursday. I feel like I did a terrible thing and let myself and the challenge down. But then again, only three months ago, I was a mess of cheap logo tees, ripped jeans and $2 Old Navy flip flops. I was whining a few posts ago that Cost Per Wear was silly and that expensive things were just that, expensive. Part of the growth is recognizing the problem and while I could have opted for some of my cheaper teenage-style clothes, I still managed to put together a nice outfit of tailored jeans, a structured top from Anthropologie, a bit of makeup and my hair straightened and pulled back into a sleek ponytail.

I also know that I probably won’t be wearing the heels tomorrow, but on a more upbeat note, I am heading to New York City this weekend for a fun trip to visit my sister-in-law and her husband and to do some major field reporting of true New Yorker style! Holy Moly!! I cannot wait. What is it about New Yorkers and their effortless urban chicn style? I just finished packing and tried to look as toned down as possible in my wardrobe choices. I have the same feeling when I went to Cannes a few years back. I shopped at JCrew prior to the trip and purchased a wardrobe that I hoped wouldn’t scream American. It didn’t scream American but it did scream librarian next to the fab high fashion ‘drobes of the French Riviera locals. I’m hoping I have a little more sense this time around. Expect a full report and hopefully a bunch of Instagrams of New York street style at its finest.

While I may not have followed through on today or tomorrow’s heels challenge(I will be walking through some of the largest airports), please note that my suitcase is packed with heels, flats, skinny jeans, a fab scarf and hopefully I will blend in and not feel so librarian this time around.


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