Like Ridin’ A Bike

One day down, four to go! If you can get through Monday, the rest of the week is usually cake. (For some people. I am not one of those people.) Today was the first day of my weeklong challenge to wear a pair of heels to work. I seriously had butterflies about this challenge. What if I fell down, or tripped? What if I flew down the stairs to my basement office. I’ve fallen up and down those stairs numerous times and I was wearing flats! It was similar to that feeling you get when all your friends say they are going to come to class dressed like Madonna and then you are the only one that actually does it. I live in flat shoes so wearing heels was like playing dress up!

Well, let me tell you! It was like riding a bike. I walked all over my office today and only once I left my shoe a few stairs behind, but I didn’t fall! I chatted my co-worker Stacey early this morning and told her, “I want to get a second cup of coffee, but I wore heels today and I don’t want to go up the stairs.” Of course she laughed and that made me feel better so I went up those stairs and grabbed another cup. After that, I couldn’t wait to find an excuse to leave my desk and run up the stairs!

Scarier than wearing the heels though, was the challenge of finding what to wear with them. You can wear flats with almost anything, but I don’t think that applies to wearing heels. I think I dressed up more today than I ever have for a day at the office and it felt comfortable. I put together an outfit with pieces that I’ve had for years and had never put together before. Another big first, is that you will see me in a photo. Heavens above! I really am not a fan of being photographed but I did my best to get beyond that. Ugh! Still wearing jeans, but it works for my casual office.

Heels – Zara, Jeans – Ann Taylor Loft, Cardigan and Top – JCrew
Necklace – Express, Nail Polish – Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Sonic Boom

I’m already thinking about what to wear tomorrow! Gonna dress you up in my love!


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