Nail Polish Challenge – Are You With ME?

Nail Polish. I love it almost as much as my cat Figaro!
Look at that face! He was a member of royalty in a former life! I’m convinced.

I pride myself in always having perfectly home manicured nails. I went to the beach last week and wanted to put on a pair of gloves when my Sonic Boom Insta-Dri nail polish started to chip. Dumb of me for not bringing backup, but I primed really well! I give myself a manicure every Sunday. It’s an event! I tell my husband, “I’m going to do my nails!” and he knows to leave me alone for about 45 minutes. I am probably sneaking up on close to 30 bottles of nail polish. I pick out a shade based on my mood and what I project for the week ahead. It’s hard to pick just one and stick with it. Commitment issues, right? Well, I’d like to propose for one week:

Nail PolishADay Challenge!

Beginning tomorrow, Sunday, I’ll do one manicure a day and share it with you and I’d love for you to join in and post with me. It will take a little bit of willpower, but we can do it! Be sure to post the bottle too! I love finding new shades! Here’s an unofficial photo to get you inspired. China Glaze’s Refreshmint. Super clean and glossy! And I LOVE this color! Makes me want to sip on something minty!


One Comment to “Nail Polish Challenge – Are You With ME?”

  1. thanks for sharing this color! i have been looking for one just like this 🙂

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