When Worlds Collide – Fashion and Stop Motion

For me, fashion is an obsessive hobby or should I say turning into an obsessive way of life: reading the Vogue September Issue for the umpteenth time, perusing the fashion blogs, looking for online deals, learning about the fashion events in Atlanta and how to go to them. You get the idea. I’m even considering taking daily photos. Just not sure how self-absorbed that is and not liking being in front of the camera. I’m in fashion overload mode, but one of my other passions is my career, an area that I don’t really give much attention to in this blog. I work for a really exciting and creative animation studio. I won’t go into too much detail, but I am an After Effects artist and designer. I animate commercials for TV, show openings, pretty much anything that requires motion, I do my best to make it move! I even dabble in a wee bit ‘0 stop motion. Unless I’m animating something for a cosmetics client though, rarely do fashion and animation collide in my world. However, I have come across two really interesting high fashion advertisements this past week that are stop motion animations! One for Chanel and another for American Apparel that I’m stoked to share. I never would have thought that the highest fashion house would ever consider using such an unexpected process. I love the contrast of high vs low art in this Chanel ad, but it’s so well done that Chanel elevates the technique. Okay, okay, enough of the art speak. Just take it all in and enjoy! Happy Friday

This equally impressive American Apparel ad is a bit more what you would expect from the urban clothing company, but still just as much fun to watch!


2 Comments to “When Worlds Collide – Fashion and Stop Motion”

  1. The Chanel video is just awesome. One of the best ad i’ve ever seen.

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