Knit One, Buy One

If you are a knitter like me, terms like bobble stitch or cable or even k1p1 make perfect sense to you. And if you are a knitter like me, you probably have a decent size stash for all the fun things you planned to make from free patterns on Ravelry. And if you are a knitter like me, you have made numerous attempts at knitting a sweater with no success! Ah! Knitting a sweater! For the most part, I like to knit and finish something over the course of a weekend. I love to make hats and I’m pretty good at it. I have a decent collection of hats with earflaps, fair isle hats, popcorn stitched hats, scratchy cheap hats, even a Wonder Woman inspired hat!

However, knitting a sweater is a different beast. First of all, you have to create a swatch, a 4×4″ sample just to make sure you are using the right size needles. And if not, you create another 4×4″ swatch with a different size needle and so forth, until you get it right. Now I know that most hats that I make are right around 8 inches so having to knit more than one swatch is a whole lot of wasted time! I could have a hat in that period. Not for me! I do know that I’ve purchased vintage knitting magazines, Vogue Knitting and scoured the web for easy free sweaters, purchased the yarn and sat down only to be unamused by the amount of dedication it takes to make a sweater. The average knitted sweater with decent yarn, the right needles and labor is priceless. Yet there are always those goody-two shoes girls who ‘make new sweaters every fall!’

Why am I telling you all this? Because up until now, I have refused to buy sweaters over the last few years with the intent that I will make my own. However, fall and winter over the last 4 years have proven fruitless and my only warmth comes from the steam coming out of my ears as I stare at the stashes of yarn in my closet, money wasted! I know that a good sweater, whether machine or hand knit, takes some time and is worth paying for!

I have found a few fun sweaters that I’m interested in for this upcoming fall season and wanted to share. My favorite is this Chevron Sweater from Topshop but my size is already sold out. I’m debating on going up and size knowing I’ll probably wear something underneath, but a well fitted sweater can look sharp! haha I also understand a little about yarn and know that generally acrylic sweaters are not going to be as warm as something wool or angora but also a little less expensive. A little Yarn 101 for ya!


2 Comments to “Knit One, Buy One”

  1. WOW that’s awesome that you knit at all! I tried in the past and failed miserably… i’d be lucky if i could knit a reasonable looking pouch or beanie lol

  2. Thanks so much for checking this out! yes, the needles can be intimidating, i wouldn’t be able to do it without youtube!

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