Walking In My Shoes

I’ve been making good great progress! It’s been maybe a month, and I’m already starting to make smarter choices when it comes to wardrobe, style, shoes, accessories!  I wore my cute Zara shoes to my high school reunion. I will say I had a hard time walking back to my car in them, but that’s because I didn’t break them in. I’m really loving my new Fossil purse more and more everyday. In fact, I thought I’d share something that was said over a fabulous ladies lunch last week that made more sense than anything in the world. Everyone at the table was sitting around talking about purses and how they can be ridiculously expensive and my cousin says, “You never want to carry a bag that costs more than the contents you are carrying around”. Is this genius or what? I still love looking at all those expensive bags, but she was absolutely 100% right. Why would you tote around a bag that costs $500 if all you are carrying around is $20 and a tube of lipstick? It made me a feel a little better about not being able to afford a super expensive bag right now.

I can go on and on, but what I’m really here to share is a purchase I’ve been eyeing since the blog unveiled. The Marcus Black Patent Leather from Topshop! Part of my mission, in life and over the next year is to build the perfect shoe collection. A few posts back I nearly died when I listed the shoe closet every woman is supposed to own. However, at the top of that list was the perfect black flat. I can rock a pair of black flats. It’s my favorite type of shoe. Whenever I go shopping I am always drawn to black flats. I have 4 pairs!

So, let’s have a look!

Super cute, shiny, and so comfortable. It was my first Topshop purchase and I have now made them part of my daily reads! I have worn them a few times and I haven’t had any discomfort issues. They do look a bit like an old man loafer but a smart one and I love that about them. hahaha. Now I just need to find the perfect pants and/or and jeans to wear them with. I have had my eye on the Minnie Pants from JCrew. I think I need to go into Photoshop and put a look together. Stay tuned!


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