Duchess Kate and Her Affordable Apparel

Hi there! I’m going crazy. I haven’t bought anything yet and I’m not sure when my first big purchase will be, but my head is swimming. I’m still in the middle playing years of catch up on handbags, shoes, designers, jewelry and summer and fall trends. I’ve signed up for numerous blogs and newsletters to the point that my head is starting to hurt. It’s the biggest crash course I’ve ever taken.

And it doesn’t help that Duchess Kate has burst onto the scene as someone to watch on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE her! I want to just sleep in her closet and smell all the luxury fabrics that probably hang on pretty little potpourri puffy hangers! But this is what I’m finding out about my girl Kate. She buys from local boutiques at affordable prices. I love that about her but I also hate it. Let me tell you why: You see Victoria Beckham wearing something fabulous, but it’s thousands of dollars and you just ooh and aah and fantasize about something you know you’ll never have, and that’s OKAY! Now Kate goes to a major event wearing something that I can afford and wear and the fantasy has the potential to become a reality and sometimes, it’s just better to have the fantasy. Do you feel me?

Anyway, to add fuel to the fire, one of Kate’s prime shopping locations, LK Bennett, just opened up two US stores and as luck would have it, one is in my city of Atlanta. Darn! I mean Yay! I don’t know what to think! Help! I needed to rant. Thanks for listening. Happy 4th of July Weekend!


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